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Women Should Do It To Avoid Diabetes

August 7, 2017 beninguide 0 Comments

Diabetes is a degenerative disease caused by high levels of sugar in the blood. This is because the body is unable to produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. This hormone serves to deliver glucose from the blood into cells used as energy.


Diabetes is divided into two types. Type 1 diabetes is mostly caused by the destruction of pancreatic beta cells by the immune system. Children with parents with diabetes have a risk of developing diabetes if not maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, type 2 diabetes is due to insulin insufficient diabetes and does not work well. Type 2 diabetes is at risk for obese women, women over 45, women with families with diabetes, high triglyceride levels, and a history of heart disease and stroke.

Citing the Ndtv page, here are three simple ways to prevent diabetes in women.

1. Maintain weight

The main factor that triggers diabetes is weight loss. Too much fatty tissue in the body makes it resistant to insulin. In addition, the accumulation of fat around the stomach makes you at high risk of developing diabetes.

Simple way to lose weight is to eat slowly and chew food properly, drink a glass of water 10 minutes before eating and set your meal with a quarter of protein portions, a quarter of a portion of wheat, half a portion of fruit and vegetables.

2. Eat healthy foods

Consumption of healthy foods can reduce the risk of diabetes. For example, wheat consumption. In Nurses’ health study mentioned that women who consume two or three servings of wheat per day can reduce the risk of diabetes by 30 percent.

In addition, multiply drink fruit juice. According to the study, women who drank one or more fruit juices could reduce the risk of diabetes by 83 percent. In addition, choose low-sugar drinks such as coconut water, water and green tea.

3. Much moving

Active movement can help control weight and improve insulin function. To run it, try to move for 30 minutes a day. Walking is one way to try.


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