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the risks of using the internet for too long

Using the Internet Too Old Raise Risk of Blood Pressure

October 16, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Teens who spent more than 14 hours a week to surf the internet at risk for developing high blood pressure. 134 teenagers from internet enthusiast studied, 26 of them turned out to have a blood pressure that is much higher.

This is the first study to show a relationship between time spent surfing the internet and blood pressure, and even reproduce the findings are revealed about the relationship between the use of the Internet by health problems, including depression, anxiety, obesity and social isolation.

Research shows that 43 percent of Internet users who turns excessively obese, compared to 26 percent of people who only occasionally access the internet.

It is unclear whether using the Internet excessively causes people to sit all day and becomes unhealthy, or whether they were really like to linger sat move to spend time being on the internet, but one thing is clear in the study that is too long to use the internet it was not good for everyone.

One thing that is important is the youth should take regular breaks after long use their computer or smart phone. Then do physical activity. Recommended to the parents to limit the use of the internet at home. Two hours per day, five days a week is a good rule.


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