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Sinusitis Symptoms

Tips to Relieve Sinusitis Symptoms

May 27, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

Sinusitis is a disease due to blockage in the nose area of sinus infections caused by colds or allergies. But do not worry if you experience it, there are some tips to ease the symptoms of sinusitis:

Sinusitis Symptoms

1. Massaging the middle of the forehead

This is the simplest thing in relieving symptoms of sinusitis by massaging the center of the forehead above the nose using your index finger and thumb gently and somewhat suppressed. It would be more effective if the massage is done by applying eucalyptus oil in order to provide a sense of warmth in the sinuses.

2. Compress the forehead

Compress the forehead with warm water can relieve your sinus symptoms because of the effect of heat is delivered can reduce sinus swelling and provide a relaxing effect.

3. Use onion or garlic

Onion and garlic has been proven to reduce sinus swelling. Do it by chewing an onion or garlic odor of raw automatically be wafted by the inside of the nose.


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