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Tips to Look Beautiful Mandatory for Applied

May 10, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Look beautiful is the hope of almost all women. All things are even willing to do that a woman can look more attractive. But for those of you who are not able to spend much money, then you do not need to worry because a lot of natural tricks that you can apply to make yourself look beautiful.

beautiful tips

Below are some natural ways so you will look more beautiful and charming. Please try.

1. Curler Eyelashes Without Mascara

It may sound disgusting, but you really can try Curler eyelashes using your own saliva. If you do not have to curl lashes mascara it will be very good try your saliva. The contents of saliva can follow the flow Curler glue and lashes.

2. Overcoming Hair Standing, Without Wet Look

Many people use hair spray so that the hair look beautiful and moist. You should be aware that even if you look beautiful your hair will be very dangerous if it continues to use chemicals. So you should use baby oil as a moisturizer of your hair.

3. Getting Sensual Lips

To get your sensual lips need to increase knowledge in terms of makeup tricks. So for thin or thick lips no special tricks for you to look more sensual.

4. Tricks Stomach Region

Stomach is also a very powerful thing in your beauty. If your stomach looks bloated then you should use a bra that can balance so distended abdomen may appear smaller.

5. Smooth Skin

You do not need to bother with dark skin because what is important is how to keep your skin remains smooth. Therefore you should avoid alcohol and diligently wash your face before going to bed.

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