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Tips For Wearing Perfume Durability

May 12, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Every human being must want to have a body fragrance. It is simple and easy to make your body is using perfume fragrance. Perfume is a fragrance that is used to make the body become fragrant.


Perfume has various kinds are differentiated depending on the percentage of concentrates less there are six types of perfumes that have different concentrates. However, it is not necessarily the larger the amount of concentrate that long-lasting perfume. You need to consider how to use it so that the perfume that you use long-lasting in your body.

Here There are Some Tips You Can Apply perfume.

1. See Type Perfume

It has been mentioned before that there are six different types of perfume concentrates, if you want long-lasting perfume you can use the type Eau De Parfum

2. After Bath

You can use the perfume after bathing because human skin after bathing damp and the pores open

3. Section Pulse

You can apply perfume on the pulse of your body, wrists, neck and behind the ears. However, you are not advised to spray perfume in the armpit.

4. Spray From Above Your Head

You assume this way certainly funny but actually spraying perfume on your head can make durable and long lasting perfume on your body

5. Store perfume in the Right Place

Perfume storage can be important because if you put your perfume in damp and exposed to heat or sunlight. It could change the quality of the perfume.

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