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This is One of the emergence Triggers Breast Cancer

September 3, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Various studies have proved addicted alcoholic beverages increases the risk of breast cancer. However, a study from Harvard University found the more obvious fact that one glass of red wine every day can increase breast cancer risk, especially for those who have a history in the family.

breast cancer

“Consumption of one drink a day increases the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer by 13 percent compared to women who do not drink,” said postdoctoral researcher TH Chan of Harvard School of Public Health, Cao Yin.

According to research published in the British Medical Journal, the breast tissue is more susceptible to alcohol than other organs. And this is true for those who have a family history of cancer in.

This study also further strengthening the adverse effects of alcoholic beverages. Previously, 100 epidemiological studies have found linkages between the two. One of them in Oford University’s 2009 Million Women Study revealed drank 10 grams or two glasses of alcohol per day increases the risk of developing breast cancer 12 percent.

Although a variety of red wine has a variety of benefits such as heart disease and other degenerative diseases, Cao said more risks than benefits for women susceptible to breast cancer.


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