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This herb mixture Can Eliminate Stress

June 20, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

When stress or fatigue hit you, maybe the body feels pain. Thus making the work is neglected. Do not take the medicine made from chemicals frequency, because it is dangerous.


But try using the drug safe house. Such as grab 10 spoon of table salt, 20 spoons of olive oil. Mix the two ingredients before, and a good store in a dry place for 48 hours.

After two days, apply the mixture to the area that hurts. Quite rub on the skin surface for a few minutes.

If possible, massage the area that smeared the mixture for 15 minutes. After completion of the oily part last lap with a wet cloth.

If the skin turns red, or pain, discontinue use of the drug. But otherwise, if you’re looking to repeat it every day. It makes your blood circulation better.

Most of the body aches, and headache will disappear. Maybe during a massage you feel uneasy, but if accustomed to it will be lost.


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