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Special Ways to Take Care of Curly Hair

January 4, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

To get beautiful fluffy curly hair, you need special care. Unlike straight hair that needs a hair styling techniques to add volume to the hair, curly hair was lucky because the owner had given volume curls naturally. However, if not treated, curly hair will more easily tangled and damaged.

curly hair

Here’s how to care for curly hair to keep it healthy and shiny.

1. Wash Hair Routine

No matter the type of hair, it is a treatment that must be performed every person. Keep the hair and scalp stay clean is the way to keep him healthy. Dust and oil on the hair will also make it more easily tangled and fall out when combed.

2. Diligent give moisturizer

Curly hair tends to look dry. Therefore, the owner of curly hair also needs a moisturizer that is used more often to create a beautiful luster is maintained.

3. Don;t brush hair

Hair brush is more suitable for straight hair. While better curly hair using a comb. Use a comb gently in curly hair.

4. Hair Mask

To maintain moisture, dry hair needs additional nutrients. Hair mask is one of the best ways to nourish the hair. Every shampoo also the owner as well as curly hair use a conditioner.

5. Get rid of tangled hair while wet

Curly hair will be combed more easily when in wet conditions. So you can more easily cope with matted in this way. However, do not comb too strong to avoid loss, comb your hair gently.

6. No need much styling

Curly hair already has its own style. The advantage you do not need to give too much volume because the hair already has its own volume.

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