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Peeling skin

Solution To Overcome skin to peel

July 12, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Cracked skin is very annoying. So the skin does not look smooth, even makeup could not stick perfectly. Check the solution for overcoming the following peeling skin.

Peeling skin

  1. chapped skin usually appears because you were too dry skin conditions, such as when you are in another room or environment that is too cold, or the body is less liquid. But other than that, there are some habits that can actually make the skin condition worse. Let the skin not getting broken, stop doing some of the following.
  2. Shaving legs when conditions were chapped skin will only aggravate your skin condition. But if you really have to do it, Shave feet with shaving cream, and do not in dry conditions. In addition, also replace your razor, because of a sharp knife will help make the skin smooth and soft.
  3. Shower using cold water. Although it was less fun, cool water is better for the skin and does not make the skin dry. If indeed you could not shower without hot water, try to shower not too long.
  4. Dry the body by gently patting the body using a towel, and do not rub the skin vigorously as this could make the skin more dry.
  5. Make sure that you use soap that is gentle to the skin. If all you use bar soap, bar soap also replace you with liquid soap as soap bars usually contain ingredients loud enough that can make the skin more dry and cracked.
  6. One other important thing that you should not forget is diligent use moisturizing lotions. Apply lotion as soon as you get out of the shower, because when the skin is still damp half that, lotion can better absorb and lock moisture your body. Do not be lazy to always re-apply every time you start to feel dry skin.

There are many solutions to overcome the chapped skin and flaking. But if this solution does not succeed and cracked skin has always been a permanent problem for you, it does not hurt to check into a dermatologist.

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