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Smart Bra, Beauty Innovation Agency for Diet

September 21, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Along with the development of technology, the bra is now not only designed to support the breasts you know! Moreover, the bra has now created specifically to help the wearer lose weight. Say hello to this smart bra!

smart bra

This smart bra we are familiar with smartphones, smart car, to smart TV, but how smart bra? Yup, this kind of thing is designed by Microsoft. Smart bra is designed specifically with physiological sensors capable of monitoring heart activity, breathing, and skin temperature. Moreover, the smart bra is able to monitor the level of stress that can prevent women to overeat when stressed. The sensors can signal the wearer’s smartphone, the which then flash a warning message to help her step away from the fridge and the make better dietary decisions. As we know, people tend to be tend to eat more when they are in a state of stress and reminders such as this is needed to reduce this habit. Each sensor will be directly affixed on the bra cup. But do not jump to imagine bra filled with wires hanging around because the bra is already designed such a way that every woman still comfortable when using it. Yes, welcome to the future.

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