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Shaver had to be replaced after use five times, this reason

January 5, 2017 beninguide 0 Comments

Almost all adult men and women using the shaver. Shaver blunt be a sign to you immediately replace it because it could no longer function properly.


But did you know that there are factors that make you need to replace the shaver, as well as blunt?

Instead of waiting shaver blunt, you should immediately replace the tool after five to seven times used.

Dermatologist Whitney Bowe told Refinery29 page, razor or shaver will start after some time exposed to the bacteria used. Especially when you leave it in damp places, such as near the shower.

Leave the shaver in the wet, dewy will lead to faster rusty razor and also left them in open conditions will make it easier exposure to bacteria.

You have experienced the emergence of small blisters on the skin after shaving? It is usually caused by bacteria attached to the razor.

Shaving basically you incise the skin and the bacteria can enter the body.

One trick you can do to prolong the use of the shaver is rinsed clean after use and store in a dry place.


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