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Remove Eye Bags with Diet

October 26, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

Swollen eye bags and black makes an appearance seemed tired and aging. Although many factors that cause the appearance of the eyes become less okay, you would have to be avoided as soon as possible so as not to worsen.

eye bags

Not only by means of the use of creams or other skin treatments that can overcome panda eyes. Changes in diet seems capable of being the best solution to get rid of under eye bags.

1. Expand intake of nutrients

Lack of iron will cause the skin to look pale and vulnerable. Of course, this makes getting dark eye bags. To increase the intake of nutrients, you need to add the food is red meat, green vegetables such as kale, spinach, or chard to your diet.

For those of you who are vegetarians, add egg yolks, nuts, beans, and grains.

2. Expand the water

Not drinking enough water will make getting dark eye circles. Dehydration really can make the skin under the eyes is much thinner. Expand eating mineral water to eliminate eye bags.

Food and drink to avoid:

  • Caffeine : Beverages containing caffeine, such as coffee or energy drinks, can make getting dark eye circles.
  • Reduce salt : Foods rich in salt causes the body to retain more water and make the bag more black eyes than before.
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