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Reason Not Allow Direct Sitting At Wake

September 14, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Usually you will experience pain in the neck because no proper sleeping position or a position that is not fitting pillow when you sleep. As a result, sudden neck becomes stiff and very painful and uncomfortable. To prevent that, you should not immediately sit or stand upon awakening.


Has a habit of sitting or standing up straight when I wake up, a bad habit that should you leave from this moment. The thing you have to leave because of the tendency to sleep When a static position, keeps silent and facing one side and unbalanced. This causes a person may experience pain after waking up.

Change position during sleep, and after waking do stretching out with simple movements, such as your back, legs bent and moved so that no muscle contraction.

In addition, the use of the wrong pillow is also an impact on the onset of pain. Use pillows one, do not get too high. Put up parallel to the shoulders. This can prevent stiff neck muscles.

Change the habit of sleeping, stretching and relaxation, these three things can reduce the pain when I wake up. Hopefully the above tips can make you sleep soundly and wake up with a sense of comfort.


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