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perfect breast shape

Perfect Breast shape of views Sciences

August 12, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Breast shape as what is considered ideal? Whether large or small? It turns out the researchers have the answer. British researchers have found that the ideal breast shape natural form. Thus, during this allegation stating that men like big breasts wrong.

perfect breast shape

Research on the ideal shape of the breast is contained in a study published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

In the study, doctors England surveyed not only men, but also women. Researchers asked 1,315 people (men, women, and plastic surgeons), see pictures of different breasts and choose their preferred proportions.

Ratios in all three groups was 45:55, ie 45% of breast tissue above the nipple line and 55% below. Apparently, this is the natural form. Unlike ball and not like fake breasts.

“In the United States within a few decades earlier, a plastic surgeon using implants filled with salt,” wrote researcher Dr. Patrick Mallucci. “It makes it look unnatural like football or breast Baywatch with overcharging at the top of the breast because the shape of the implant.”

And surprisingly, one part in the study chose the form of melons including perfect shape. This form usually occurs in women over the age of 40 years. At the age of breast’ve never picked up again. With the aging of the breast becomes more fat, sagging skin and nipple falls, frequent breast volume decreases.

Of course there are opinions that may sound, expert dare reveal what kind of perfect. In fact, everyone knows that beautiful breasts can be in various shapes and sizes. However, this study was intended to help plastic surgeons have a more consistent template, not just for breast enlargement, but also breast reduction and reconstruction after cancer.

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