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tackle body odor

March 29, 2014

New Ways to Eliminate Excess Perspiration

For a young mother, dealing with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a struggle. Every so often he felt confident he drifted due to sweat that soaked his shirt. Non-invasive procedure that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) controls the sweat...

oil-free fresh faces

March 25, 2014

10 Secrets of Fresh Faces and Oil-Free!

Toner. Until now, it seems not many women are too concerned with the use of toner in their beauty rituals. In fact, the toner did have an important role to be used after cleansing. Besides being able to provide a fresh sensation after use, there...

benefits of fruit for hair

February 18, 2014

Natural Ways to Overcome Hair Damage to Fruit

In the world of beauty, fruit not only can be used as a face mask only. Moreover, the fruit is also used as a hair treatment problematic. Fruits are considered to have a natural compound that is useful to the body. Because it utilizes the...

Causes of Male Baldness

February 10, 2014

8 Causes of Male Baldness

8 Causes of Baldness Men. Exceed women, men must make extra efforts to maintain their hair. Although thinning hair men will naturally start to 40 years, the condition can be experienced by men aged 20-30 years. Experts point out that the main cause of hair...

healthy hair

February 2, 2014

To keep hair Stay Beautiful

You must agree to the terms of hair is a crown of women. Beautiful hair makes you look more attractive and beautiful. This hair has always received a lot of attention. Therefore you have to keep the beauty of hair to stay healthy and shiny...

Benefits of Lemon

January 21, 2014

6 Benefits of Lemon For Beauty

Lemon, yellow fruit which has a fresh sour taste turns without doubt contain many benefits for beauty. This is evidenced by so many skin moisturizing products containing extracts of lemon juice. 1. Lifting the dead skin The face looks dull and not fresh can be...

healthy hair

January 10, 2014

4 Benefits of Henna For Hair

Henna is one of the popular herbal beauty in India and other tropical countries. Since long the henna is used to make hair shiny, healthy, and beautiful. Henna is not only used to cover gray hair, but also to bring back health to the crown...

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