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Often Sneezing? It was Symptoms Nasal Allergy

July 10, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

If you sneeze easy and often sneezing constantly for no reason, it happens can be caused by your immune system is low and genetic factors. Easy sneezing and sneezing that occur repeatedly without pause or without reason is a nasal allergy symptoms or respiratory allergies (rhinitis). People affected by this allergy will usually react to pollution, dust, cigarette smoke, and other allergens. To make sure of that, you can try to consult the doctor, Or visit


The immune system is able to react to certain allergens. When foreign matter into the nose, the body will trigger a reaction that is intended to remove the substance. In this process, histamine released by the body. As a result, the body will experience allergy symptoms such as runny nose or eyes. In addition, the body can react in other ways such as shortness of breath and wheezing.

Typically, a substance that causes the allergy trigger nasal allergy was in atmosphere. Even so, there are also allergens like pollen are everywhere. Dust can also cause sneezing, but often do not lead to nasal allergy.

Most need to watch out for is the dust mite can live anywhere as long mattress, blanket, or carpet that is rarely cleaned. Another thing that can trigger nasal allergy are substances derived from animals.

Animals usually scratching their body and leave the dead skin like dandruff everywhere. It differs from ordinary dandruff, because dandruff of animals could settle in many places such as furniture, carpets, and others. The best way to avoid it is to clean the furniture regularly.

The best way to identify nasal allergy is when you often feel itchy nose and feels the urge to sneeze without reason. In addition, sneeze too often and continuously without a break can also be symptoms of nasal allergies. This reaction is actually carried the body to eliminate allergy-triggering substances from it. This is actually not a serious reaction. Because afterwards, will stop runny nose, and sneezing will be reduced.


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