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benefits of fruit for hair

Natural Ways to Overcome Hair Damage to Fruit

February 18, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

In the world of beauty, fruit not only can be used as a face mask only. Moreover, the fruit is also used as a hair treatment problematic.

Fruits are considered to have a natural compound that is useful to the body. Because it utilizes the fruit to nourish the body is the right step. One way to take advantage of the fruit is made into a hair mask. Having leveled the entire hair, leave the mask on for 40 minutes and rinse with water.

benefits of fruit for hair

1. hair damaged by chemical processes
Hair straightening, coloring and curling will make the hair is damaged. To overcome hair damage as a result of this process, use a banana, a teaspoon of lemon juice, and one egg yolk.

2. Dry hair and stiff
For various reasons, can be very stiff hair like straw. That hair is so easy to set up, then you need a hair mask made from a mixture of bananas, mashed papaya and warm water. This hair mask will help to keep your hair shiny and soft.

3. Hair and scalp oily
It feels a lot of Indonesian people who complained about the hair on this one. Not difficult really to solve it, because you only need a hair mask made from a mixture of orange juice and yogurt.

4. Hair loss
Hair loss can be a nightmare for many people. Though already tried many shampoos and hair oils that is claimed to prevent loss. Quiet, avocado hair mask can help you. Mix the avocado with fenugreek (leaf herb commonly used to increase milk production, or drugs). You can also add green tea warm water into the mixture. Water green tea works to soothe the scalp.

5. Hair dull
Who does not want beautiful hair so shiny? Actually, you can get it easily with a hair mask of coconut milk. The trick, just mix coconut milk, lemon juice, and beer. Wash with this mixture and let stand a few minutes before rinsing.

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