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Modern Technology For Long Lasting Nail Polish

January 19, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Beautify your nails with nail art with exciting colors can make your appearance look more stunning. But on average that occurred during this, nail polish that we use easily chipped, agglomerate, not durable, and often makes your nails yellow.

modern polish

But as the development of technology, gel nail polish comes as an answer from all of your complaint. This type of nail polish claimed to be durable, not easy to agglomerate, plus there would be no more nails sudden yellowing. Made of gel polish that are imported from the United States can last up to 20 days after application, without having to perform other maintenance. Even the gel nail polish will adhere well even if the nail is often in contact with water.

With so many privileges gel nail polish, you would immediately fall in love? But wait, if you really want to use this type of nail polish, you need to know that the use made of gel nail polish is not as easy as regular nail polish. If normally you can do it at home and just need to dry out your nails to dry outward appearance, this time you have to go to a salon. Nail gel requires a special tool such as LED lamps to dry. LED lights that make the nail polish to be more durable and the color will look more shiny.

Before daub nail gel, make sure your hand is completely clean. Apply antiseptic, alcohol, and pH balance of the nails and fingertips. After that, apply a base coat and then nail gel twice in outward appearance. Then, dry for 30 seconds under the LED lamp. You can give a touch of nail art finished favorites after staining. Finally, apply a top coat.

Process of nail art gel takes 40 minutes to 1 hour. Budget to be prepared also fairly expensive than usual care nail art, between 110 thousand to 250 thousand. But of course the result will be maximal. Nail gel will not make your nails damaged as other types of nail polish. Gel coating ensures your nails healthy and protected.

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