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tools in handbag

Mandatory Equipment is Within Handbag

April 10, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Women tend to feel less complete appearance that goes anywhere without carrying bag. Whether it’s a bag with a small or large size, hand bag, shoulder bag or messenger.

tools in handbag

And believe it or not, there’s always more than one thing that always brought a woman anywhere other than the wallet. Here’s 7 things that most often brought women, and its status must exist.


For those who are not too fond of makeup too thick and complicated, bring lipstick everywhere is fairly practical. Daub on the lips alone is changing its appearance and make women feel much more beautiful. Ease of use make women believe in the beauty of this one item.

Coin purse

Coins or coin until now still be kind of money that is used for the transaction. Carry coins in the purse that is usually used also make it uncomfortable. In addition to a large size, coins too heavy. As a result, women often work around this by bringing a special wallet suitable for bringing this coin.

Sanitary napkins

Although generally the date of menstruation may be expected, but often women feel uncomfortable if traveling without a backup pads. Who can guess suddenly he comes right?


There are two types of normal tissue taken, tissue wet and dry tissue. Two types of tissue is very familiar in the world and has become the object of women who always wear every day.

Hand sanitizer

Already bring wet tissue alone is not enough if you do not carry hand sanitizer. Stand alone if there is no water and soap, at least the hands will stay clean and comfortable with the use of hand sanitizer while.


Objects shall this one usually has a special form of compact folding it can be taken anywhere. Generally also equipped with a mirror.


The woman did as never out of this one thing. Afraid that there is a lack of appearance, so that the mirror can be used to find out what is wrong and fix it.

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