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Makeup Tricks That Can Make Faces 10 Years Younger

December 23, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

How many women are finally decides to Botox injections to make their face look younger. Then once addicted to Botox injections again and again. Without realizing it, you just make your face skin tight, while the neck still can not be separated from the problem of aging.

makeup tricks

If only they knew just the makeup, all the problems of aging in the skin can be resolved. The result is more natural. You will not look like wearing a teenager’s head and the body of an adult again because of differences in skin firmness earlier.

Even Makeup Artists who worked with Beyonce, namely John Barnett, leaking secrets Beyonce skin that always looks fresh and youthful. John said no botox injections, Beyonce just rely on eye cream for smeared across the face.


Facial skin is moist skin young and glowing, rather than dry. The trick, you can wear around the highlighter above the cheekbone and nose bones to make your skin shiny.

Watch Your Color

For eye makeup, use brown eyeshadow than black. Why? Black color can make your eyes become smaller and dimmer. Likewise with eyeliner, choose brown and just use a thin line above and below the eye.

The Brow Effect

Indeed, the trend of very thick eyebrows again today. But, do not make your eyebrows are too thick and black because it can affect the look on your face so it appears older.

Cream, Cream, Cream

Sometimes, using talcum powder or blush on textured powder will remove the skin moist while applying. Try to leave the powder and switch to use BB cream and cream blush on easy-to-blend and gives results dewy finish.

Be Glossy

Wearing lipstick is more durable than the lip gloss. But, for results that can turn your face become younger, of course, lip gloss. Shimmer lip gloss and natural colors will make you more beautiful natural.

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