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Danger sunscreen

It Danger High SPF Sunscreen Use

January 25, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Often find the content of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) on your mainstay beauty products? Yes, SPF does have benefits to protect the skin from sun exposure, which contains ultra violet.

Danger sunscreen

Some people choose to wear lotion and moisturizer with a high SPF, to protect the skin better. But unfortunately, it is not always good.

In some people, high SPF levels can cause discomfort.

Sometimes there who make too sticky and oily skin. It can make people very uncomfortable.

In some periods of time, can cause skin problems such as acne. This was caused by the closing of the skin layer which prevented him from breathing.

However, SPF will not make the body lacks vitamin D, which is given through exposure to sunlight. In the application of moisturizer, familiarized done after a shower.

Use sun block habit after a shower, but given the lag time to make a film of the skin to be more pervasive and protected.

Use sunscreen should be done every day as needed. When you do not have a lot of outdoor activities, SPF 20 to 30 is enough to protect the skin. But when on vacation to the beach, you should use a special sunscreen with SPF 30 waterproof to 60.

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