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Is Your Bathroom How It Really? Read Here

January 1, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

The bathroom is one of the primary needs of human beings to maintain hygiene and health. In addition it is effective in cleaning, bathing can also make your body unpleasant scent-free throughout the day.

bath right way

According to a study, adult humans spend time bathing at least 4,000 hours. The possibility of a much longer time than the time watching, exercising, and reading books. However, if your shower is correct manner?

Morning bath is believed to increase a person’s motivation for the move. During the way you apply the correct and appropriate.

If the warm bath is recommended at night to help you fall asleep, then cold water is recommended in early morning to “wake up” and “heat” of nerve that has been resting for eight hours or more.

One bath therapies that have been proven effective in pep and energy in the morning is a therapeutic shower combination hot and cold water. The secret is in warm and cold sensation on the skin that are exposed to your body.

If you are interested to apply therapeutic bath combination of warm and cold water, you have to do it for 90 seconds. So, after thoroughly cleansing the body, ranging from the wash, toothbrush, shampoo, and sabunan, you just apply the therapy.

For 30 seconds let yourself be splashed by water shower with the coldest temperature, if you want to shout, do it. Then, change the water temperature gets warm or hot according to the ability of your body for 30 seconds. Finally, return the water temperature becomes very cold and hang 30 seconds.

This method is very effective in stimulating blood circulation and energy to be ready to move. Make sure you always terminate this therapy with cold water,

Combination therapy of warm and cold water has been applied for thousands of years in Finland. A country that has 2 million a sauna with a population of 5 million people as numerous as this, recognize that 99 percent of Finland said that this therapy is fairly efficacious in relieving stress, and should be done as much as once a week.


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