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Incidence Descent Acne Causes One

February 21, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

In addition to food and hormones, there are other factors that affect acne on someone’s face. According to research conducted by Goulde and McGeown 1999, genetic factors play an important role against the susceptibility to acne.


The tendency of acne, the size and activity of sebaceous glands (oil), the state of seborrhea (skin inflammation), and the amount of pore sizes down by parents. When both parents breakouts, any child at risk had acne problems by up to 50 percent.

However, genetic factors are not 100 percent be decisive breakouts or not. Genetic factors will blend with environmental factors and causes skin breakouts.

Environmental and genetic factors that influence the growth of acne is also evidenced by Walton in 1989. The study was conducted on twins and their risk of acne. This study shows, though twins and same sebum production (sebum production is controlled genetic factors), they do not necessarily have the same acne problems.

environmental factors influencing its development. Oil production the same face, but other factors such as how to clean the face, the food, the selection of make-up, and the other will have different different results.

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