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How to Treat Elbow Pain at Home

December 16, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

elbow painPeople rely heavily upon their elbows to perform many daily tasks, but don’t think of its usefulness until there’s an issue. Elbow pain and inflammation is often diagnosed as tennis elbow, a form of tendonitis. The condition can be completely rehabilitating, hindering the use of the affected arm. Some cases are so severe a doctor will recommend elbow surgery. Treating elbow pain can be handled in many ways; many of which don’t require heavy medication.


Purchase an elastic bandage from your local pharmacy to securely wrap the elbow. Begin on the inside of the upper arm, holding the bandage while you snuggly wrap the arm down to the lower forearm. Be careful not to wrap too tightly, which will cut off the blood flow. Compression will help to alleviate pain the elbow area.

Ice and Heat

Ice can instantly reduce pain in the injured area. Wrap a few ice cubes or icepack in a cloth and apply it to the elbow. You can also rest your elbow onto the covered ice, for more comfort. Remove the ice when it gets to be uncomfortable. Let your arm rest for a bit, and when the pain returns, place a heating pad on the area. Alternate until you find relief.


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