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How to Straighten Hair Naturally

January 16, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

Each person would have a different hair types and with different styles. Since hair is a crown for someone, do not be surprised if a lot of ways to get beautiful hair. Basically every hair is the same, just that there are some straight and some curly. And both are able to make a woman look more beautiful and attractive.

Unfortunately, today many women who want beautiful with straight hair and got it the wrong way. Instant way or rebonding in the salon of choice which is favored by most people. In fact, rebonding and the like is not good for hair health.


Reporting from, hair straightening can be done naturally at home. By using natural ingredients that are easy to get, you can get not only straight hair but also healthy and beautiful. And here are some easy tips to straighten hair naturally at home.

Coconut milk and lime

In addition to nourish the hair to the root and black hair, coconut milk is believed some people are able to straighten hair naturally. Use coconut milk mixed with lemon juice as a hair mask. For maximum results, enter coconut milk and lime juice mixture into the ice cupboard until thickened and ready to straighten your hair.

Smooth over your head hair, cover with a hot towel and let stand for one hour. If it is enough, rinse your hair with cold water. Perform maintenance and this trick at least twice a week.

The Milk

Milk is known as one of the beauty care products natural hair straightener. Mix half a cup of milk with water, place and save it in a spray bottle and spray your hair up into sections evenly.

Let the milk stays stuck in your head about 30 minutes to dry. For maximum results, comb hair straight and then slowly until you can rinse your hair with shampoo and then closed with a hair conditioner. Try to do this treatment regularly at least three times a week.

Papaya and banana

Both of these pieces has a myriad of benefits, especially for health and beauty world. And one of the best benefits is as natural hair straightener. Use papaya and bananas that have been cooked as a hair mask.

The way is easy, that is, the fruit puree and mix them together. Add one tablespoon of honey into two pieces that have been smoothed it. Apply a natural mask that has been made into the hair and let sit for about half to one hour. Rinse your hair with cold water to clean and wait until dry.

Routine use hair conditioner

Routine use conditioner after shampooing your hair on it will make your hair healthy, soft and straight as easily arranged. Frequently wash and make sure the hair is always in a clean state to get straight hair naturally.

For other tips, do not use hair rope hair pressing too hard because it can make your hair become wavy or curly.

Ladies, that’s natural hair straightening tips, success or failure of these tips and painstaking depends on how confident you are in this treatment. Without treatment and application of the maximum, get straight hair is naturally going to be very difficult. Straight hair with this method also depends on the type of hair, curly hair if you are too severe, then straighten your hair with salon rebonding course you need to do.

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