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How to Stay Beautiful During Traveling

February 22, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

There is a beauty ritual that you can do starting from before departing so you do not feel tired while traveling.

Look beautiful for women is a kind of necessity even when traveling. Despite taking a long flight, fatigue can be overcome by doing this start before flying.

beauty traveling

Before Take-off

When will fly with a long duration, you can follow the tricks performed supermodel Karlie Kloss. Before leaving for the airport. The blonde-haired women accustom to consume green juice on his way to the airport. You can also consume lemon water to maintain stamina.

On Board

Advised not to consume caffeine such as coffee and tea are also foods that contain salt as long as you are on the plane. This could cause you to dehydrate dehydration alias. Do not forget to prepare a mineral water to meet the needs of body fluids. To avoid dry skin due to exposure to air conditioning, provide a face spray is also yes. Also, make sure you are also free from the makeup, like foundation or powder. In essence, the focus on skin care products during the trip. Always carry a travel size skincare products into the cabin.

Before Landing

To get a fresh face after a long journey, use a face mask and apply for about 20 minutes before landing. Select a face mask that has a function Revitalizing or brightening because it will make your face feels fresh and looks brighter. After that, apply a thin makeup. Wear BB cream followed by mascara. Your face will remain beautiful and fresh with a thin smear of makeup.

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