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How to Prevent Domestic Violence

November 10, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Often we read or hear of the media, the violence perpetrated against her husband or a father or a mother who hit her child. Ironically, the family should have a shelter and a place for someone to share sometimes even marred by acts of violence that comes from the people we expect to provide protection and affection.

In anticipation of this, it should have been for the government to socialize Law Against Violence to the public so that the public is more responsive legally.

happy family

Here are tips that can be done in an effort to prevent domestic violence:

1. Establish harmonious and effective communication within the family. With the fabric of good communication between family members allow all the problems that occur can be more easily overcome. In families like this, there will be mutual openness, loss of suspicion and foster mutual trust, so that this will create positive feelings among family members.

2. Give each other moral support for the family member who is in trouble. Make family like our own bodies. Meaning if a family member in trouble, then we should not be silent, but trying to keep these difficulties can be overcome. Helping family members is not necessarily in the form of material and specific action. Support the easiest for us to provide is in the form of moral support. In this case we are expected to give sympathy and empathy for our families who have difficulties or problems. Try to provide motivation and encouragement to him that the problems encountered can be resolved immediately.

3. Respect (opinions, mindset) between couples. In married, disagreements and mindset is reasonable. Even quarrel was sometimes become the spice of life in the household. However, that does not mean it can continue to be left. Any small quarrels can lead to cases of domestic violence.

4. Establish transparency between partners in everything. One important factor to maintain domestic harmony is the openness between couples. By mutual open encourages us to always be honest and share with our spouse. You can also invite couples to join batterers intervention program to gain knowledge of your family to avoid domestic violence.

5. Forgive each other if one of the spouses to make mistakes. Human beings are never infallible. Therefore, it is wise if we want to apologize for our mistakes. Not only that, forgiveness is also a noble trait.

Remember that happiness or ruin your household depends on how members in your family work together for the purpose of your family. Mutual respect and love is a good seed to reap the happiness of families today and in the future.


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