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How many children are allowed to drink coffee?

June 10, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

Currently not new anymore see kids sipping flavored coffee with whipped cream and grated chocolate on top. Moreover, the myth circulating that a good child was given little caffeinated beverages. Is that right?

drink coffee

It turned out to be wrong. Although there are no formal recommendations about the intake of caffeine for children, but there is a maximum intake level that can be given to children, as published by Health Canada.

Here are a few doses of coffee drinks that can be given to children:

– Age 4-6 years: Not more than 45 mg / day
– Age 7-9 years: Not more than 62.5 mg / day
– Age 10-12 years: Not more than 85 mg / day

In children and adults, caffeine can increase blood pressure and heart rate. However, this effect is most felt by men than women.

Food Poisoning Control Centre (Poison Control Centers) also noted, caffeine can cause sleep disturbance, and decreased focus. Children who consume caffeine regularly, and stop it likely to experience headaches.


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