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Have Sensitive Skin? Avoid these 5 things

March 13, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

In contrast to the normal skin, people with sensitive skin can not be indiscriminate when exposed to something. If it does not fit, it can make skin redness, breakouts and irritation.

skin care

To avoid irritation, it’s good for sensitive skin to avoid the following five things.

1. The product in question has expired or not

Many skin care products like sunscreens contain active compounds that rupture when exposed to sunlight. This can cause allergic reactions. Therefore if you are in doubt about a product has expired or not it is better not to use it rather than the skin so red-red.

2. Using the water is too hot

When bathing or washing your face, use warm water lukewarm or cold water. Water that is too hot to make the skin more easily irritated.

3. Exposure to excessive sunlight

You could still be exposed to UV rays when in the office or the car because of its light still coming through the glass. Conditions such as these for the sensitive skin can also cause irritation. Therefore, use sunscreen to ward off incoming sunlight exposure to the skin.

4. Using excessive make-up products

For people with sensitive skin, smart in choosing beauty products. Pencil eyeliner, maskara, powder because of the potential to cause allergies in people sensitive skin.

5. Soap with perfume

When selecting soap, use of free perfume. Usually written ‘fragrance-free’. When exposed to soap as this can cause sensitive skin so it appears rash.

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