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effects of UV rays

Go Bad Effects of UV rays

January 12, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

The skin is clean, bright, and smooth is often a barometer of female beauty. But unfortunately, there are some things that make the skin is damaged. Things have considerable influence, is exposure to sunlight.

effects of UV rays

Sunlight does have many benefits. As for bone health and boost mood. However, the content of ultra violet or UV in it, could backfire for skin health.

There are some diseases that are caused by UV rays.

The most feared side effect is skin cancer with 90 percent probability. But the previous stage, UV rays can make the skin dry, dull, causing dermatitis or eczema, and irritation,

Unfortunately, public awareness of the dangers of UV rays Indonesia is still lacking. Based on the results of research conducted Nivea shows, only 60 percent are concerned about the dangers of the sun.

In addition, approximately 50 percent of those who wear sun block or sunscreen for daily activities. Usually when doing activities outside.

Nivea research results also showed that dark skin skin problem number one ranked 5th in the world. It is recommended, for the day-to-day activities, people accustomed to wear a moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 25 to avoid skin problems

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