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Genetic Factors Cause Hair Loss

October 25, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

You think hair loss is only triggered by the use of products made from chemicals that too much. Well, it turns out there are other factors you need to know!


Do not rush sad and short cut hair to not fall out. Apparently, there are many causes of hair keeps falling every day. Perhaps, you do not realize that these are things that trigger.


Stress is a major trigger hair loss. In addition, hospital because of the flu and fever also affects the strength of your hair. Hair has a growth cycle that can interfere when you are stressed or ill.

Too Much Vitamin A

Vitamins are good for the body. However, if too much of the effect is also not good. If the body receives too much intake of vitamin A, the hair will fall off easily. Better consumer taste as your body needs ya.

Protein deficiency

Did you meet the need of protein in the body? You may be just a healthy diet every day to lose weight, but do not let lack of protein intake yes. There are many sources of healthy protein and low in fat, such as fish, tofu and much more.


Hormones in the body also affects the strength of your hair, you know. Maybe you have a history of hereditary hair loss too easy? This could be the cause. Try asking your mother, what a family member who also suffered severe hair loss?

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