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Five Food Fermentation to Overcome Problems Spine

September 13, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

This is a statement that we often hear. Healthy food tastes bad. Not so with fermented food. It feels more diverse and certainly more healthy.

fermented food

Has a slim and healthy body requires a struggle. Either by exercising or eating healthy foods, all to do with discipline. About food, many underestimate the fermented food, which turned out to have a myriad of health benefits.

No one knows not tempeh, yogurt, and pickles turned out to have a big hand to relieve back pain? It’s a fact. Fermented foods that are rich in probiotic bacteria which can prevent infection and eliminate bloating that occurs in the large intestine. Can also overcome the problem of constipation. Try to remember how many times you finally decide to eat yogurt at a time when difficult bowel hit?

The connection? Gastrointestinal problems that are a major cause of back pain in someone. Therefore, from now consume lots of fermented foods rich in vitamin C, folic acid, and enzymes. Even dropout American Idol Jordin Sparks diligently eating fermented foods to help you lose weight naturally.

But tired of eating tempeh or yoghurt? Try 5 fermented food this option.


For fans of Korean food, kimchi became mandatory complementary foods that should exist in the table, is not it? Unique taste, similar to the city pickled. These foods can last up to several weeks after passing through the process of fermentation 1-5 days.


Is a fermented beverage made from tea, sugar, and yeast. In addition to good digestion, kombucha can also prevent cancer.


Fermented foods are not native to Europe other than the cabbage finely cut and mixed with salt before it is put into the jar and allowed to stand for several days at room temperature moderate. He said, the food is most flattering to launch the process of bowel movement, you know.


It was indeed similar to yogurt. Made of milk and kefir grains (which consists of a mixture of yeast, sugar, salt, protein, and bacteria). Best taken by pregnant and lactating women and the elderly.


This is the replacement drink alcoholic beverages other types of minimal benefit. Sake is made from rice that has been fermented. If you want the skin smooth and free of acne, it is better to consume sake than other alcohol that can make the stomach so distended.


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