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Fasting Beneficial To Inhibit Aging

Fasting, Beneficial To Inhibit Aging

June 29, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Fasting is routinely done by Muslims at Ramadan, in addition to health care, are also useful for beauty. We who are fasting for about 14 hours, in addition to hunger and thirst, the body also works.

During fasting, the body works to neutralize reset function of the body’s cells are damaged. Are Some benefits of fasting for beauty.

New Body Cell Regeneration

Many of the changes that occur in the body when we are fasting. As the skin is usually moist, it will feel dry and dull. For those of you who feel this way, do not worry. The cells of our body will soon perform regeneration, and the regeneration of body cells will be faster than when we are not fasting. So that the body can work with the maximum, when breaking and dawn, eat nutritious foods greatly assist the process of work of the body’s cells.


Detoxification is the process of cleansing toxins from the body. Toxins in the body will be released gradually as when you exercise. Benefits of detoxification is very good for skin health. Your skin will look more fresh and clean. Routine fasting, not only in the month of Ramadan, it is also useful for anti-aging. This happens not in spite of the activity of the body to regenerate the body’s cells are damaged and die.

Maintain Weight

For those of you who are or will undertake a program of weight loss, fasting is a safe and healthy way. The main important thing to note is to maintain food intake. You should eat fibrous foods, and contains high iron.

Maintaining Healthy Hair and Nails

By eating fibrous foods and nutritious, as well as consume enough mineral water, in this way, you just help your body to work the body to regenerate cells. No need to worry if hair loss, because this is an indication that the body is undergoing regeneration. So also with nails look dull during fasting. Because your body will immediately repair the damage to renew cells into a new body.

Visible Clear and Clean eyes

Fasting month, try to pay attention to both eyeballs. Does it look more clean and shine? This occurs because the detoxification process carried out by the body earlier. Toxins released by the body also affects the health of our eyes.

Viewed from the standpoint of health sciences, fasting we are doing is part of a trilogy of nutrients. This means that the body is doing cleansing and detoxification as described above. In addition, the body also make the process of balancing, in which the body does regeneration of body cells are damaged and immediately replace it with a new body cells. This method is also useful for repairing damaged body.

Medical experts in the west also apply fasting as a way for patients who experience over eating causing excess fat in the body. By fasting, in addition to helping the regeneration of body cells, detoxification, and balancing, also will help the performance of the heart to pump blood. This is why people who do fasting properly, mind calmer, more emotionally stable, and ageless.

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