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Drinking Milk Can Help Sleep Easier

December 19, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Daily activities carried out by the human effects of energy decline continues. When the body feel weak and tired, it means that you have to get to sleep.


This becomes a problem because some people actually difficult to sleep when you feel too tired. If you have or frequently experience, drinking milk before bedtime can ease your break.

Drinking milk at night helps you to get to sleep soundly and comfortably. According to research from Uimyung Research Institute for Neuroscience in South Korea, the milk drunk night have the amount of tryptophan and melatonin, the compound is a naturally occurring hormone that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles good sleep.

Meanwhile, tryptophan helps the course of melatonin in the body until it reaches the point of maximum sleep hormone. Drinking milk before going to bed at night is better than taking sleeping pills containing a sedative to facilitate sleep. Drinking milk is more effective because it did not cause damage to organs at a later date.

These findings indicate that milk be one of the effective natural sleep aid and promising in the treatment of sleep disorders in a person.


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