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diet make up natural

Diet Make Up. What Can We Do?

January 1, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Expert dermatologists advise women to go on a diet for two days a week, which was not the diet for the body, but rather is intended to face. Based on facial care experts, let’s face makeup-free for two days a week can help to look younger, and have healthier skin less in a month.

diet make up natural

Trends are starting to bloom by the women in the UK, commented upon by a skin specialist Dr. Esho, founder of Le Beau Ideal Aesthetics clinic, “I always tell patients that great skin starts from the bottom of the foundation. Using excessive makeup, without any rest time, can trigger the aging process, which endanger the elastin and collagen, the cause of wrinkles and aging. “

By freeing the face of makeup for two days in the week, Dr. Esho said this can help dead skin cell turnover, resulting in regeneration of healthy skin cells that make the face look younger.

Dr Noor Almaani, Dermatologist at The Private Clinic of Harley Street adds that makeup often contain fragrances, as well as chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. “Makeup is applied to the face often lock the oil content, and makes pores appear larger. Rest of the make-up on a regular basis, is a very wise decision. This gives time for the skin to recover, and reduce the level of irritation caused by the use of make-up in the long term, “he said. In addition, Dr. Almaani explained that someone diligent in cleaning the skin of makeup, definitely there will always be a make-up that still remains. Then there is no harm in starting now to start a diet make-up at least two days a week, which is useful for facial skin healthier, younger and maintained.

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