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Daily shampooing of hair damage

Daily shampooing of hair damage

October 1, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Conditions limp hair, oily and dandruff will definitely make you uncomfortable. The easiest way to overcome this is to wash or wash your hair.

But the habit of shampooing every day it is not recommended. Shampooing every day is not recommended. Because it is included in the false hair. Therefore, shampooing every day a bad effect on health.

The following hair damage caused by the habit of shampooing every day.

Damage the hair roots and scalp

The content of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) in shampoos are toxic substances that could damage the roots and scalp.

Scalp irritation

Pigments contained in artificial and synthetic colors used in shampoo or hair care products cause irritation on the scalp for a certain period.

Hair brittle or fragile

The use of shampoo frequently and continuously cause long-term damage to the hair. This is due to the content of sulfates in the shampoo peeling sebum from the hair.

You can feel the texture of hair becomes dry and brittle. To address the need to improve your technique with the right shampoo, such as rinsing with cold water.

Inhibit fertility hair

This assumption can help moisturize the hair shampoo is not entirely true. Because in fact, use shampoo every day can inhibit hair growth.

Eye disorders

When shampooing, it is likely to be about eye shampoo. As a result, red eyes and sore due to excessive use of shampoo.


The content Diethanolamaine (DEA), which is a preservative that can cause cancer compounds exist in the shampoo. Preservatives not only will make the cancer on the scalp but also allegedly spread to the breast.

The frequency of shampooing

There are two things that need to be observed before making a schedule shampooing. First, know your hair type. Enough for normal hair twice a week. But if oily hair types, can be more often that is three times a week.

Hair texture that can affect how fast the work sebum from the roots. Coarse or curly hair slower in the spread of sebum. According to experts from the University of Columbia, if you have the texture coarse or curly hair, shampooing once a week does not matter. As for who have straight hair, hair washing should be twice a week or more.


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