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Cosmetic Dental Care For a More Beautiful Smile

September 25, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Cosmetic Dentistry is the dental, ranging from teeth whitening to change the mouth to improve the quality of your smile. With teeth that look clean, white and healthy, of course you are free to spit a big smile to anyone without any worries. Almost all dentists already perform cosmetic dental procedures, at least some common procedures. A number of techniques of cosmetic dentistry including dental cure including changing the color of teeth changes, repairing defective teeth, or even restore teeth that have been lost.

Beauty smile

Cosmetic dental care which is right for you? There are some who need to know before it!

Dental care

Dentists generally only discuss issues relating to the health of your teeth and gums, but for cosmetic dentistry is more focused on the appearance of the teeth and mouth.

Recent advances in the world of cosmetic dentistry allows dentists to offer everything from teeth whitening to dental coatings to improve the quality of patient smile. Medical cosmetic dentistry has actually been around for decades, but the materials used today are materials that are more durable and look more natural than that used in the past.

Here are some cosmetic dental care procedures are available:

Teeth whitening or dental bleaching: This procedure is to brighten the teeth are discolored or stained. Tooth whitening can be done at the dentist or do their own home without the help of a dentist.

Bonding: This procedure can improve the appearance of teeth that have been chipped, broken, cracked, stained, tenuous, or perforated, giving colored bonding material on the surface of the tooth.

Veneer: This procedure is the addition of an artificial layer that covers the front of the tooth that aims to camouflage discoloration or imperfections on the teeth. Veneers can also customize the patient’s teeth to make it look different than others. Veneer can last from 3 to 12 years if done by the right dentist like cosmetic dentist Pittsburgh.

Tooth Reshaping: These procedures include changing gears to improve his appearance by modifying or eliminating a layer of enamel. It is also known as tooth contouring, which is often combined with bonding.

Crown lengthening: This procedure can fix that too many smiles showing gums than teeth or uneven gum line. This is done by removing excess gum tissue to show more teeth, using a minor oral surgery.

Changing smile: This procedure includes an assessment of the overall appearance of your teeth and smile in a comprehensive manner. Usually some cosmetic dentistry procedures necessary to overhaul the look of a patient smile. This can be considered as a facelift for the mouth.

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