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Causes of Hair Loss and Dandruff

January 10, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

Any woman who does not want to have beautiful and healthy hair. It feels, it is the desire of almost all women in the world who introspective in appearance.

Consequently not a few women who are willing to take the time to get the best hair care, hair loss and dandruff when problems can also be caused by bad habits. Such as the following description:

hair beauty

Pillow Case

It was, sleeping on a bed encrusted silk is only done by the actors and actresses in the film. Therefore, the fact that not all women “bear” using silk sheets for activities of daily sleep. However, after reading this description, you may consider to always use a satin or silk sheets. Therefore, cotton cloth can cause your hair to fall out and unruly. Therefore, if reluctant to use silk or satin sheets, try to wrap the hair with a satin or silk scarf.

Do not use conditioner

“Many of my clients are lazy use conditioner because it did not want her hair limp, but it means the product is used inappropriately by hair type and needs,” said Lori Zabel, a hairdresser from Dop Dop Salon, USA. “Excellent in Conditioner nourish the hair. Do not use it, just like not apply moisturizer on your face, make skin dull and dry, “.

If conditioner make your hair brittle and saucer, you should find the product formula light at the end of the hair and then rinse thoroughly so that the conditioner does not leave residue on your hair.

Frequency of tying the hair

“Tying the hair with too upward position makes hair strength decreases and can cause hair loss,” said hairdresser, Julien Farel. “Do not be too often tied hair, let your hair hang loosely, because in addition to look more sexy, it makes the roots and scalp has plenty of room to breathe,”.

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