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eye bags

October 26, 2016

Remove Eye Bags with Diet

Swollen eye bags and black makes an appearance seemed tired and aging. Although many factors that cause the appearance of the eyes become less okay, you would have to be avoided as soon as possible so as not to worsen. Not only by means of...


October 18, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Stress at Office Desk

Stress can happen anywhere and anytime, as well as could be bad, either on mental health and physical health. One of those places is often stressful office. Although you may not be able to do yoga exercises to prevent stress in the office, but there...


September 17, 2016

Easy Ways to Burn Calories Excess

Finding a way to burn calories quickly may seem difficult to do. However, researchers from the University of Illinois have found a simple way that is believed to burn calories quickly. The researchers observed eating and drinking habits of more than 18 thousand Americans who...

benefits of fruit for hair

August 22, 2016

5 Fruit for Anemia Patients

There are many types of fruit that can be consumed by people with anemia. Anemia mean hemoglobin in the blood are at a low level. In general, treatment for anemia can be done by taking drugs, dietary changes, and not infrequently there are also anemic...

personal care

August 14, 2016

Tips for Choosing a Caregiver For Your Parents

Looking for Caregivers For Your Parents at home, should not be taken lightly. Many reasons behind why they chose caregivers to keep their parents, for example, the distance of work with parents who are far away or the inability of the family to maintain appropriate...

healthy food

August 4, 2016

9 Foods That Can Eliminate Cancer Cells

The word cancer is one word that is pretty awful for us. Because the disease can even be fatal within a period of fast or slow. And can not be denied that this disease has been really very spread out in the middle of society....

negative thinking

July 19, 2016

4 health problems as a result of negative thinking

Do you often think of negative things on something that already happened? Then, if you often pessimistic in the face of challenges? Various negative thoughts or negative thinking not only create an unpleasant feeling but also has an effect on health. If you frequently experience...

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