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Carrots Can Improve Sperm Quality

April 30, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

For you who like fruit and vegetables, carrots may no longer foreign thing to be consumed. In addition to sweet and crunchy, these foods also contain many nutrients that are good for the body.

efficacy carrots

Vitamin C, vitamin A, and other complete goodness, can be obtained if close friends carrots. But you know, carrots it has one advantage that may not yet widely known.

In fact, carrots are one of the foods that are good for human sexual activity. Therefore, carrots contain beta-carotene which can improve the quality of male sperm. Goodness carrots can also strengthen your stamina while swimming sperm to the egg.

The content of vitamin A in carrots, besides good for the eyes, it also serves as a modifier of cholesterol in the blood, into the sex hormones that can be distributed throughout the body, thereby increasing libido levels in the body, which can make sex more passionate.

The benefits of carrots for the sex life has been believed since Roman times earlier. Ancient Greek nation, often making carrot as a natural herb enhancing sex drive. They believe that this brightly colored vegetables can be a full intake of nutrients by the excess is good for the body.

Carrot very easy way of presentation. You can boil it, steam, or making juice with other fruit mixture, such as apples or oranges. But if you want to get direct benefits can also eat raw carrots. Calm down, it will remain sweet and tempting.

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