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Benefits for the Body Serum

July 22, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Effective facial serum to nourish the skin to make it more moist, shiny and supple. Not only the face, it turns out other body parts require serum.

serum for body

Not only the skin that can be damaged, the increasing age skin health has declined. The longer a function of collagen and skin elasticity is reduced, thus requiring protection above the surface of the skin to stay healthy and moist.

Using a moisturizing body alone is not enough maintain healthy skin. It takes a nutrient that can absorb up in the skin. It can be obtained from the use of serum.

Serum immediate penetration into the skin, immediately absorbed. That’s because serum molecules are smaller than regular lotion.

Serum for different bodies with facial serum, which is usually textured liquid. Serum products for lotion, to avoid wasteful and more effective result.

Facial serum concentration liquid and bigger. Imagine if facial serum is used for whole body, one bottle can be discharged in a day. So serum for body lotion blended into the use of default (such as vitamin A, C or E).

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