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beautiful without makeup tips

Beautiful Permanent Without Makeup, It His tips!

April 30, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Does not mean you should not use makeup at all. Is fine, but once in a while you make love the chance skin breathe. Go natural with no makeup and naturally beautiful show you. Anyway, as long as you treat the face properly, you do not need to make up for shortfalls in your face. As people often say, deficiencies must be corrected, not covered.

beautiful without makeup tips

  • Clean the face with True

A healthy and beautiful skin comes from proper cleaning. Search cleaning with water-based materials lightweight on the skin. Harsh cleaning can make your skin loses its natural oil, so the skin looks dry and rough. Instead, you create that type of oily skin, such cleaners actually makes the skin produce more and more oil. So, change your facial cleanser, and feel the difference.

In addition to using the right cleanser, do not be lazy to always cleanse your face every morning and night. Sleep before cleaning the face is a big no no. Diligent cleaning the face not only make the skin clean, but also could lead to a natural luster face and preventing acne. So whatever you’re tired, do not forget to clean your routine.

  • Makeup for Eye Area

So naturally beautiful look, use Vaseline instead of mascara. Moisturizers are widely recommended many beauty advisor can make eyelashes look more glowing. Simply apply Vaseline to the eyelashes by using your finger, and see for yourself.

Shown naturally also means letting your eyebrows grow naturally without the need to be established too thin. Tidy up the small hairs that grow on or below the main eyebrows, but did not bother to shape it so super thin.

  • Natural Beautiful Lips

Apply coconut oil on the lips to complement the natural appearance without makeup you. Natural oils again be the favorite of beauty bloggers not only prevent dry skin and chapped, but also can make your lips skin look healthy and fresh

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