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A Serum that provides an Immediate Facial Lift

September 9, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

oil-free fresh facesTo tighten and refine the way your face looks, check out an amazing serum that provides an immediate facial lift. You can have a V shape face by using a serum that has a combination of the following ingredients:

  • Guarana extract – encourages the release of excessive fats
  • KIaki extract – preserves skin tightening and slows down slackening
  • Zerumbet ginger – encourages blood circulation and reduces puffiness

These natural ingredients will help you to achieve a perfect V shape, slim face with a lifted jaw line and refined cheeks. The serum also helps to fight against puffiness and fat giving firm facial features which in turn rejuvenates the way you look. Wow, that sounds wonderful!

The texture of the serum is feather-like and soft which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and well moisturised. To achieve a V shape face with this facial lift contouring serum, the following should be noted:-

  1. Apply gently to clean skin in the morning and in the evening
  2. Use day or night moisturiser for optimal results
  3. Enhance the effectiveness of the serum by sitting down, elbows on your knees, head down and cover your eyes with the palms of your hands for 30 seconds

Keep checking for special offers too when you place an order for facial lift serums. If you spend over a certain amount of cash you could receive a three piece hydrate and refresh gift set.

Luxury skin care

Treat yourself to luxury skin care by buying a serum that will transform the way you look. With its blend of pure plant extracts, up to date technology and innovative design, a botanical based makeup is definitely a must-have in your cosmetic bag.

Serums will give you a perfect V-shaped face while defining facial contours, adding definition to your cheeks and chin.  A contouring serum can also relieve heaviness on the face which may be caused by an unsuitable diet. Ideal for anyone with dry, normal, oily or combination type skin, serums provide a softness that you wouldn’t think was possible.  Try a luxurious skincare serum that could help you to achieve:-

  1. A more refined facial contour
  2. A less bloated look
  3. A less puffy look
  4. A more angular shaped face

A top quality serum will soon become a firm favourite in your beauty regime especially when friends and relatives notice the difference it makes to your face.

A new you

No matter where you live in the world, the UK, the USA, Asia or Australia, if you want a slimmer face, well-defined cheekbones and a reduced double chin, try an endorsed facial serum soon. You’ll see sharper facial features, tighter skin and a lift in your skin.

Redefine your skin, make it feel fresh and lifted with a serum that’s noted for tightening skin texture. Using the serum on a regular basis will also leave your skin silky smooth and soft. Try it today and see the difference!

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