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9 Foods That Can Eliminate Cancer Cells

August 4, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

The word cancer is one word that is pretty awful for us. Because the disease can even be fatal within a period of fast or slow. And can not be denied that this disease has been really very spread out in the middle of society. It happens more often caused by factors of your food.

Therefore, to prevent and treat cancer cells very important trigger. Some foods may be harmful to cancer, but there were also some pretty good food consumed because it can kill cancer cells.

healthy food

The following 9 Good food in consumption to eliminate cancer cells in the body.

1 Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that contains many antioxidants are believed to eliminate free particles in the body where the free particle can eliminate cancer cells.

2 Wine

Wine contains resveratrol, a natural compound in the form of good wine as antioxidants in the body. If you regularly consume wine would be good to kill cancer cells and increase your red blood cells.

3 Green tea

Indeed, many people who choose green tea diet to lose weight. However, other properties of green tea are able to eliminate the cancer cells because they contain antioxidants such as some materials listed above.

4 Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in carotenoids and lycopene. The substance is very good at killing cancer cells. Not only that, eating tomatoes are also beneficial for reducing heart disease and other ailments.

5 Vegetables

One vegetable that is very good to kill cancer cells is cabbage purple. If the purple cabbage is often consumed is believed to eliminate cancer cells. But in general, all the vegetables can be very good in eliminating cancer cells.

6 Fruit

Dark colored fruits is more believable for consumption in terms of preventing cancer cells in your body. Eat dark fruit such as grapes and avocados.

7 Salt

For people with high blood pressure may consume salt will be very risky. But if you eat them in a reasonable amount to be highly efficacious in killing cancer cells.

8 Garlic

It is no doubt that garlic is a natural anti-biotic very efficacious. Herbs this one is one of the foods that can destroy cancer cells you.

9 Paprika

Paprika can inhibit cancer cell profilikasi. All types of peppers are very good for you in killing cancer cells in your body.


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