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how to keep the flu

8 Tips To Stay Healthy in The Cold Rainy Season

April 20, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Secrets to stay healthy and fit to fight the flu, especially in the rainy season. Flu is a respiratory tract disorders that may be caused by the influenza virus, this virus does not make you a fit and also due to the disruption of the respiratory tract mucus. The virus is usually spread in the rainy season, so you can learn to prevent healthy tips to prevent flu in the rainy season.

Flu is not a dangerous disease, but the effect is enough to make you feel uncomfortable, especially congestion while you are going to sleep at night. So follow the tips below so that you stay healthy and free from the flu.

how to keep the flu

Here are 8 tips Healthy Secrets to Fight Flu in rainy season.

1. Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

These drinks only damage your body, alcohol can lower the immune system so that influenza viruses can easily attack you.

2. Many of Drinking Tea

Warm tea mixed with a little lemon and honey is very effective against the flu. This tea can boost the immune system which makes you not susceptible to disease.

3. Protein Consumption

The protein content in the diet can boost the immune system against various virus threats.

4. Hand Sanitizer

Maximize this hand soap to use any of your after activity.

5. Mineral Consumption Increase

The mineral content helps your immune system in order to increase, you can increase the consumption of vegetables to get enough minerals.

6. Drinking Juice

The juice is very good for health, beverages such as orange juice is rich in vitamin C is very good in improving the immune system to keep you from viruses lacing.

7. Sweating

You always try to sweat despite the rainy season with exercise, in addition to making your body stronger immune system also increases because of this sport.

8. Enough Sleep

Sleep is the most good rest, try your comfortable bed and sleep soundly because you will be feeling refreshed and fit when you wake up so your body healthy. Avoid activities such as staying up late because it can make you become susceptible to disease by decreasing your body’s immune system.


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