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prevent ebola virus

7 Ways to Prevent Ebola Virus

August 1, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Ebola virus is a virus that Came from Africa where its spread is Rife in the near future to the rest of the world. The virus is very dangerous Considered Because for people who have been stricken with no hope to live again. The Ebola virus is now spreading into unrest anyone, Because so far the patient will suffer very severe if contracted.

prevent ebola virus

For it has been given a lot of ways in order to avoid and infected by this disease ebola. Some way below is a simple way to avoid Ebola virus disease.

1. Use the cleaning fluid.

Diligent wash your hands under any circumstances and after work Any and. Try to remain sterile and also keep your body always so clean state. Simply put you can diligent hand washing with always using cleaning fluid is a liquid that contains antiseptic.

2. Close the wound.

If you have a wound that you should keep your wound is closed securely. For those of you who have wound it will be very easy for you to affected and infected by Ebola virus is. Be diligent to replace the bandage your wounds and wrap it as soon as possible.

3. Do not eat the meat of poor quality.

One form of the Ebola infection is through the red beef is of poor quality. So it is safe for you to avoid eating meat that has the quality of Potentially unfavorable Because carrying the ebola virus.

4. Be careful to consume pork.

The origin of the Ebola virus is from Africa where the first time and many developing is in the pig farm. So you also must be careful to consume pork that could pose a risk of transmission of Ebola virus.

5. Wear gloves.

When being around patients who contracted Ebola virus then you should use a mask and also the most important thing is to wear gloves to prevent the entry of the Ebola virus in your body.

6. Avoid travel to countries that have a virus.

If you want to go abroad you should Consider to go to the State where the Ebola virus has been spread, so that you can reduce the risk of contracting. You can also undergo a period of quarantine in advance.

7. Avoid touching public facilities.

If you are in the middle of a public place then you should avoid to hold public facilities such as stairs, elevator doors, or instrument playing in a public park could be a gathering place for the virus.


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