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7 Ways to get eight hours of sleep

April 11, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

Sometimes the body is very tired but you can not sleep well. Could be because your mind is still busy, gadgets continue to sound, or the urge to go back and forth to the bathroom.


Whatever it is, we’ve prepared a 7 tricks to make sure you get enough sleep for 8 hours, as reported by the Purewow:

1. A time to exercise

Of course every night your body is tired mentally, but physically what? To ensure your night’s sleep soundly and fairly, always a time to exercise at least 20 minutes.

This you can do by example, take a walk for 20 minutes after lunch, or take a yoga class. This will help your body feels she needs a deep sleep.

2. Set two bedtime

The first sleep time to relax and settle and close all applications on your gadget.

Bedtime second is to make sure all the lights off, and you’re really ready to sleep.

3. Write down all the burden of thought

Before going to bed, your brain can become very busy. Starting from imagining what will be wearing tomorrow, want to eat anything, and so forth.

By writing down all your thoughts in a notebook that you put in the bedside, you can set aside time only about five minutes to write down all the load of your mind.

Once everything is finished, you can sleep in peace.

4. Close all the loopholes light

When going to sleep your room is dark, but what about tomorrow? If you intend to sleep enough, be sure to close all loopholes that could be passed by the morning sun.

5. Charge your mobile phone elsewhere

Blue rays of mobile phones can interfere with your sleep. So, make sure you recharge the phone battery away from where you sleep.

It is also useful to prevent the urge to check your phone back which will only make your bed getting late.

6. Listen to an audio book form

But make sure you listen to the book is a book that you already know the story. The goal is to find something that can be distracting, but not washed.

Listening to the same story over and over again will make it easier to fall asleep.

7. Stay away from alcoholic beverages midnight

Indeed alcoholic beverages such as red wine, can make you feel more relaxed and sleepy. However, once digested in your body, this drink will work as a stimulation that will make you wake up.

Replace these drinks with a glass of warm milk that will make you sleep soundly.


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