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Short Skirt

6 Important Rules Using Short Skirt

July 6, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Short skirt can be very simple and sexy. But the only mistake, can make you look not polite and not pleasing to the eye. So, to avoid fashion mistakes that ruin your appearance, there are some simple rules you need to remember before using a short skirt!

Short Skirt

Make sure the legs are Beautiful

When you use a short skirt, legs so important focus. In addition to regular exercise to get amazing toned legs, your feet must be maintained to stay clean. Regular waxing, pedicure, to massage will give the appearance of smooth legs. Additionally, do not forget to diligent use lotion for skin and scaly legs do not show a healthy sheen.

Comfort and Confidence

Often Tugging at your short skirt down will only show that you’re not comfortable with what you wear. It will bother you as well as others who see. Therefore, use a short skirt makes you uncomfortable, or, use stockings and tights. You can also use shapewear to hide the belly fat if your skirt forming part of the stomach. Due comfortable skirt will add to trust yourself that look amazing.

Know Your Body Type

Do not be too eager to buy a short skirt that you see at a glance just as framed by nice. Try before you buy. Because there are so many pieces and patterns, and not everything can fit in with a certain body type. Therefore, make sure you choose the pattern and pieces that make you feel good because it can improve your appearance.

Use the Right Footwear

Pair the skirt and footwear as important as the pair skirts and tops. High heels can support the appearance when used with a short skirt to show a higher impression and slender. You can wear stilettos, pumps, or wedges, depending on who makes you comfortable. In addition, flat shoes can also simple and convenient option, as long as you adjust them with the impression that you want to show through the skirt.

Note the length of the Right

Short skirt can have a different length in each person. Nothing could be seen Nudity using short skirts, some are not. To be safe and remain polite, always use a short skirt with a length of at least half the limit of your thighs. If you want a shorter, adjust the mirror when the first appearance before a mirror, and most importantly, you feel comfortable.

Keep Your attitude

You must pay attention to your manners when using a short skirt. Sit politely with flanking knee and leg, tilting, or put a pillow on your thighs if any. Your move so that your skirt is not easily exposed, and always straighten your body to be more confident. Do not forget also to not vain squat while taking goods fell.

Lastly, do not forget to support the entire appearance with the right makeup and accessories, so you use a style-short skirts more attractive!

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