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5 Model Glasses by Type Face

February 1, 2016 beninguide 0 Comments

How to determine the model of glasses that fit the shape and type faces. Character and shape of the face of each person is very different, so the sunglasses models in use by the A is not necessarily compatible with the B, therefore, recognize the true character of your face. And to smooth out your steps I will give you tips on keeping Glasses Model 5 Type Face.
Seeing an interesting model of glasses makes us want to wear it, but before buying first consider whether it is suitable or not to your face. If any purchase, rather than to look stylish even worsen your appearance, for it consider the tips below.

model of glasses
Here the model Kecamatan face shape.

1. Face Shape Heartz

Heart-shaped face has a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. This face shape fitting if wearing glasses that have framed oval or round. Choose thin frame glasses and a soft color that disguise the shape of a narrow chin. I recommend this face shape avoid glasses with dark frames at the top which is rather thick.

2. Face Shape Box

This face shape has a wide forehead and jaw line firm. Face shape is very fitting box when using round or oval glasses handy disguise the shape of a firm jaw line. I recommend to avoid models shaped glasses frame box and soft colors.

3. Face Shape Oval

This face shape has a narrow curved jaw shape of the forehead area, then form high cheekbones. This face shape is very fitting to wear glasses any model as long as the shape of the frame is not too wide. However, even if it fits with the model glasses frame shape whatever, but avoid too wide.

4. Face Shape Round

Round face is characterized chubby cheeks, round face very fitting boxy models wearing glasses with thick frames. Thick frame helps disguise the shape of a rounded face. Then avoid the usage of glasses that are too small and has a rounded frame.

5. Face Shape Diamond

Face shape like this have wide cheekbones with a narrow forehead and jaw bones sharp. This face shape is very fit when wearing glasses rimless models.

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