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5 Facts About Breast Woman Should Know

August 24, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Are you the type who likes to compare your breasts with a porn star? Or think if your breasts are not normal because it has a small size? Then you thought wrong. Here are the facts about breast that must be known and understood by each of the Eve of the world.

facts breast

According to the International Journal of Sexual Health, most women are never satisfied with their breast size. Large, medium, small, or a reference extra satisfaction. In fact, breast size is good is that according to the shape and big body. These are categorized whether a woman’s breasts proportionate or not.

Here are five facts about breast outside of large, medium, or small :

1. The breasts can make a woman orgasm. Studies have shown, the nipple of the breast making women easily aroused and reaching orgasm. Known as nipplegasm.

2. Breast erection? Together with the penis, breasts also can swell and harden when aroused. Nipples will stand upright.

3. Each men like breasts not by size, according to a study conducted Psychology Today website.

4. Breast of the keys to weight loss, especially for those who are breastfeeding.

5. normal breast categories according to body size. Not round like that shown in the media. In fact there is no round-shaped breasts.

6. According to the study, men were never concerned with stretch marks on the breasts. Stretch marks on breasts more common in women who have had children.


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